Jason-with-kidsSince making the first official Michirondack chair in 2012, company founder Jason Nagher has focused on designing and developing products for people who love the outdoors and who enjoy spending fun, festive times together. Today, as our company’s product line of chairs, cutting boards, wine carriers, and other accessories continues to grow, Michirondack has become more than a “Michigan Mitt” chair. We represent a lifestyle of tasteful entertaining.

All Michirondack Products are hand made in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and they are constructed of durable, high-grade cedar, maple, and walnut. We use byproduct scrap from the manufacturing of our chairs to make everything from building blocks for children and cedar blocks for clothes storage to wine carriers and drink coasters. In 2014, we introduced a chair made of environmentally safe, high-grade polyethylene, a material perfectly suited for chairs that will be used in marine-like environments.

The pure Michigan theme attracts strong support. While we currently sell our products in more than 24 retail stores throughout Michigan, we have sold Michirondacks in eight states, including Utah, Delaware, Virginia, and Florida.

The Official Michirondack Chair

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